Responsible business

Anna Takala, entrepreneur of Laa Laa Living and Managing Director of Tuikku Dee Oy, has seen over the years her business, a lot of knowledge about responsible production, researching sustainable development and now moving towards a one-man army towards responsible business.

Responsibility for production is of particular importance to us, which is why we strive to keep production as close as possible. Especially durable materials, high-quality production, recyclability, employee well-being and waste minimization are important in the production of wall grilles. In 2020, Laa Laa Living aims to invest in isolation in recycling and reusing lattices.


The rationality of responsible roofing is important, so that wall grid manufacturers and dealers get a fair reward for their work and can be happy to contribute to a sustainable interior design idea. Thus, the principle of pricing is business continuity and profitable operations, and the so-called "brand premium" is not charged. Support and support is always on the phone for dealers, so you can get help with your overall business, whether it's Laa Laa Living products or the business as a whole. What is important to us is the success of our dealers, which comprehensively contributes to the development of entrepreneurship in Finland.

Laa Laa Living uses cardboard boxes to pack its tutu, reducing plastic waste. Of course, for the time being, the lattices are wrapped in plastic to protect them from possible shipping bumps. However, we are constantly looking for a new viable solution to this, so that we can completely abandon plastic in relation to the film.

We strive for total transparency in all responsible operations. Of course, we can't put accurate information about our production and activities on our site because of our competitors, but asking questions always answers the questions that matter.

Come with us to build a responsible business! For any questions or suggestions for cooperation, please contact: