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Finnish interior design products, design and practicality at their best

Laa Laa Living is a Finnish interior design company that designs and manufactures stylish and practical interior design products for decorations, storage and DIY projects.

Gradually, the growing selection includes products designed down to the last detail, with the aim of combining stylish interior design and practicality at a reasonable price. We want to make these lovely decor items for every home wall.

In January 2020, we also opened our fashion and wellness online store, Laa Laa Looks, which focuses on ethically produced clothing, jewelry and lifestyle products.

Laa Laa Living wall grids and wire memo boards


Our brand was born from fun and playful wall gratings that were developed to bring new perspectives to interior design and storage. The wall grilles are suitable for every room of the house. The children's room in particular gets a wonderful and unique look when the lattice can be decorated together with the child. In the study, interior gratings can be placed next to the desk as stick racks and when you are on holiday, you can decorate them to calm the study and the mind. In the kitchen, they preserve the main recipes and trade notes or decorate and brighten the atmosphere of the kitchen with various herbs. In the hall, they, on the other hand, welcome visitors with the desired messages or act as a storage place for the keys. The gratings in the living room are easy to decorate with lights, each, ribbons or even balloons, depending on the season. With grids, only the imagination is the limit and they will help make your home look just like you!

It is easy to attach the wall grilles to the wall with screws, cords or even put them on the table to lean against the wall. Note, however, that too heavy items must not be attached to the free-leaning truss to prevent it from tipping over. You can also order hooks and various fastening solutions for connecting to trusses from our online store.

Laa Laa Living combines beautiful Nordic design with Finnish practicality in an ingenious way. Come and continue the story of Laa Laa Living with us and bring Finnish design, ingenuity and practicality to the world map.


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