History and future

Big dreams, lots of courage

The Finnish interior design brand Laa Laa Living was born in 2017 from a wonderful idea, big dreams, a touch of courage and a pinch of madness. The brand was created by Annika and Vesa, the parents of two little boys, who were united by a passion for beautiful and playful decorative items with a purpose. This is how the first prototypes of rectangular lattice were born. The wall gratings are a variety of top quality design products; beautiful interior elements that decorate the home acting as practical decoration and storage solutions.

One day, while looking at the trusses, Vesa threw into the air the idea that what if the wall truss was not the familiar rectangular pattern, but could even be bunny-shaped! From that seat, Annika took a pen in her hand and sketched on paper a bunny with a lattice. How wonderful such a bunny-shaped wall grid would be! And how a new, fun and fresh idea like never seen before. The story of Laa Laa Living had thus begun.

The successor to the new brand

Soon, however, Vesa and Annika realized that the hustle and bustle of other areas of life began to overwhelm them and they were no longer able to develop their ideas and love their brand as much as they would like. In 2019, they began looking for a successor to their work who would be willing to take the story of Laa Laa Living to a new level.

After many twists and turns, interviews, phone calls, and emails, they ran into Anna, who fell in love with the design brand at first glance. Everything in it felt familiar, your own and right! Anna already had experience in the necessary areas where Laa Laa Living could be taken to the world as well. Vesa, Annika and Anna's thoughts met quickly and in less than a week plans and changes had been made to move Laa Laa Living to Anna's care.

Laa The future of Laa Living

Laa Laa Living has since sought its shape and place as a newcomer to the Interior Design industry. Because Anna is an innovative and creative person, she no longer focuses solely on lovely wall gratings, but sets out to grow the range into other interior design and storage solutions as well. Alongside the metal is raised a tree, which is an insanely beautiful material. In this way, Laa Laa Living is brought to the country that speaks for sustainable and organic interior design.

Because ethics, the world and responsibility are close to our hearts, we want to be responsible for our products even after they have been sold, until the end of its entire life cycle. That is why we have developed our new recycling concept, where, in line with circular economy thinking, Laa Laa Living's committed customers can change their interior to a new one if they wish. Read more about our circular economy concept here