The future of wall grids

The original founders of Laa Laa Living, Vesa and Annika, embarked on Laa Laa Living's journey towards versatile, durable and playful decor. Every detail of the products is carefully thought out and its structure is designed to last through generations. The wall grids are framed by a thicker metal wire, which gives the grids a well-groomed and finished look, while making them sturdy.

The products will continue to be designed in Finland, so we can proudly say that they are Finnish design. The production of wall grilles is continuing in Estonia so that we can keep production close to Europe. Quality is a top priority for us, and we will never compromise to reduce our production costs.


The entrepreneur's dream is to create a Finnish global interior design brand that pays special attention to sustainable interior design. The principle of sustainable interior design is sustainable products that adapt to the changes in life and home. If you change your apartment, the color of your décor or just get bored with old items, the grid will adapt to these changes. You don't have to throw it away or start selling it out of the way of new interior design ideas, but it can first of all be decorated with new items, moved from one room to another, or changed use.