Responsibility as the main principle of our operations

Anna Takala, an entrepreneur at Laa Laa Living and owner of Tuikku Dee Oy, has seen some kind of business activity over the years, got acquainted with responsible production a lot and studied activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Laa Laa Living's idea is to create sustainable interior design products that adapt to the changing environment and last from year to year. With this idea, an online store for responsible clothing and well-being products, Laa Laa Looks, was also established, which focuses mainly on Finnish and European responsibly produced products.

Responsible production

Responsibility is particularly important in the production of our products, which is why we strive to keep production as close as possible in order to control the quality of the products and reduce the environmental impact of transporting the products. Currently, all our products are designed in Finland. Metal parts are manufactured in Estonia by our long-term partner in Estonia and future wood products in Finland. Durable material, careful manufacturing, recyclability, employee well-being and waste minimization are especially important in the production of wall gratings. In 2020, Laa Laa Living aims to invest in isolation in the recycling and reuse of interior design and interior design products.

Laa Laa Living uses cardboard boxes to pack its teakts, reducing plastic waste. Of course, at the moment, the grids are wrapped in plastic film to protect them from possible knocks caused by transport. However, we are constantly looking for a new, profitable solution to this, so that we can give up plastic completely in relation to our film. The cardboard boxes have been chosen as simple browns, as the colored cardboard boxes are more harmful to the environment with their production. Therefore, the whole has been kept as simple and simple as possible.

Responsible and transparent business

In responsible business, the rationality of the roof structure is important, so that producers and distributors of wall gratings receive fair compensation for their work and can be happy to participate in creating sustainable interior design thinking. The principle of pricing is therefore business continuity and profitable operations, and no so-called "brand surcharge" is charged. Prices are based on the actual manufacturing, shipping, and marketing costs of the products.

Resellers always have help and support over the phone, so you can get help with holistic operations, regardless of whether the problem is with Laa Laa Living's products or perhaps with the operation as a whole. What is important to us is the success of our retailers, which contributes to the development of entrepreneurship in Finland as a whole. We strive to crown all responsible operations with complete transparency. Of course, we cannot put accurate information about our production and operations on our website because of our competitors, but by asking you always get answers to questions that preoccupy your mind.

The world is also full of inspiring people, talented content creators, and interesting life stories. That’s why we at Laa Laa Living want to invest in supporting and highlighting these stories. With the influence of our influencer concept, you become a brand ambassador for Laa Laa Living, in which case we are happy to share stories in our own channels to provide visibility for the types of good mood.

Sustainable interior

Wall gratings are objects that stay caught in storms as life situations change, a home changes, or otherwise just interior changes. Interior items must be durable and versatile and ethically produced from high-quality materials. With these choices, we burden the world as little as possible without giving up the sources of inspiration and creativity in the interior. As we do not want to burden the world only with the production of new products, we have also launched our own circular economy concept. Its purpose is to provide consumers with the opportunity to recycle old Laa Laa Living products and receive a refund for a used product. Check out our circular economy thinking here

Come and build a responsible business with us! In all questions and cooperation proposals, you can contact: