Children's room decoration

Ideas for the decoration of the children's room - only the imagination is the limit!

The world is full of children's room interior design ideas and here are a few of them. Almost the first things future parents start planning is the decorating the Nursery. For a newcomer, they start making purchases, flaunting their first toys, and thinking about the color of the room. After all, color is the most challenging. Will there be a girl or a boy? Is it pink or blue? Don't worry, the look of the nursery will change as the child grows many more times! The main thing that the room is safe and comfortable, for both children and parents.

What to get for a baby in a future room?

The most important purchases in the children's room are a cot and a changing table. There are many different cots with varying features. You can familiarize yourself with the different options and choose the one that suits you best. Many appreciate the countable side, making it easy to move the bed next to the parents ’bed for the first few months. This makes night waking easier and the baby sleeps close to their parents. Finnish cots are manufactured by e.g. ByNiemi


It is good for the changing table to be versatile. There will be padding on the treatment table for changing the diaper and the necessary accessories should be at hand. This way you are always close to the baby when changing the diaper and he will not be able to accidentally roll away from the changing table. If there is not enough space on the treatment table, you can install a wall grille near the table, where you can put pacifiers, for example, to hang. It can also be fitted with a colorful picture that the baby likes to look at while cleaning the butt. However, do not install the wall grille directly on the changing table or so that the baby can reach it!

One thing a parent especially caring for will appreciate is a comfortable armchair where you can breastfeed your little one or feed your baby warm substitutes. In the comfortable armchair you can spend time with your baby and get used to being in your room little by little. It is good to have objects and decorations of different shapes and colors on the wall of the baby's room, to which the baby gradually begins to pay attention. For example, a bunny lattice is one of the most popular decorations for a children's room. It can be decorated with colorful pictures and used to preserve small objects such as pacifiers. Pacifiers are always lost when you need them the most and when they hang on a lattice on a hook, they also don’t get dirty.


The star-shaped lattice is the perfect lattice for the children's room as well as a different light source. The star is easy to decorate with radiator-powered interior lights. Even babies know how to appreciate this lovely model light source on darkening evenings and find it particularly interesting. As girls grow up, they can use a small star lattice to preserve pampules and their first jewelry, and boys even the first drawings.

TIP! A wall grid in the shape of a bunny, cloud or star is the perfect Babyshower gift for the expectant mother. You can hang small bodies and pacifiers as a gift on the wall grid, as well as other accessories that a newcomer will need. The expectant mother can also put the first ultrasound pictures and later the first baby pictures on the wall grid with clips!

How is a toddler's room decorated?

As the baby grows to the size of a toddler, the importance of the room begins to emphasize. The amount of stuff increases and the toddler moves around the room while playing. It is a good idea to put all the toys in order at the end of the play, so that the child also learns to collect them each time he or she stops playing. So it is definitely worth buying enough storage boxes for toys. The most important items can be easily stored with clips on the wall grid, so they don’t get drowned out among other items.


The toddler's color is slowly starting to matter. 3-4 year old girls may perceive dark colors as boys and boys as pink. For example, if you want to make a safe choice, choose a mint-colored wall grid that will appeal to both boys and girls. The mint color goes perfectly with a pink wall or pink sheets, for example!

It is nice to decorate the wall grid together with the child and bring out important items. As your child begins to learn the first letters and numbers, you can make them out of paper together and hang them on a lattice. This way, the child will remember to glance at them on a daily basis and the numbers and alphabets will gradually be remembered.



What kind of room is suitable for a schoolboy?

Soon the time will sometimes come when a toddler becomes an Eskarite and an Eskaril becomes a schoolboy. The lattice still runs along through these years. The schoolchild's wall grid preserves important sticky notes as well as the reading order. You can hang the first certificates, class photos and friend photos on it.

Just feel free to choose colors and shapes for your wall grid. Thanks to our circular economy concept, you can always replace the wall grille with a new one if, for some reason, the old model is no longer to your liking or no longer suits the color scheme. The basic principle of Laa Laa Living is that nothing is thrown away or left in the corners to be dusted, but a new home is sure to be found for all our products


Yes, the schoolchild already has a strong opinion about what their own room should be like. If, after all the years, the wall grid no longer pleases the child, it can be safely moved to other rooms in the home. In the living room it serves as the basis for a picture collage, in the hall as a key and reflector stand and in the kitchen as a memo board so you don’t forget to buy milk from the store.

Even if the lattice is dusting for a year or so, it can always be dug up like new. When a child finally grows to the dawn of adulthood and begins to dream of their own home, the wall lattice is guaranteed to be the first beloved object to leave with a new home!.


The most important thing in the interior design of a children's room is a sustainable interior design that changes and grows with the child. This avoids a growing quantity of goods, which is laborious and time-consuming to get rid of. The wall grid adapts to the child’s needs and imagination at any age.

Highlights of the children's room interior:

  • The safety of the children's room is most important for the baby
  • Choose a cot, which you will get next to the bed if necessary
  • Complete the care level with a wall grid
  • Choose colors and lights that grab even your baby’s attention
  • Reserve enough storage space for your child's toys
  • As the child grows, decorate together and decorate the wall grid with the items you want
  • The schoolboy can easily store reading lists, sticky notes and friend pictures in the wall grid
  • Choose the grid according to how you want to use it in the future
  • Tired of the old lattice? No worries, replace it in our recycling corner!

Products mentioned in the story below:

Laa Laa Living is a Finnish interior design company that manufactures wall gratings and other interior design elements. The selection is constantly expanding and new ideas are being sought in new winds of interior design. Laa Laa Living's basic principle is to produce sustainable interior design solutions that adapt to changes in the home and environment and last from year to year.

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