Living Room Interior

Livingroom Decor Ideas - How To Customize Your Interior Easily And Quickly?

The living room is perhaps one of the most central rooms in the home, where you spend a lot of time and especially relax. It is a common space in the home where all residents enjoy and spend time. From the hectic everyday life, the living room offers its most central place to relax, either watching TV, reading, playing or just lounging on the couch. What pleases and relaxes each resident the most.

When decorating a living room, you should first look at the floor and walls. Do you already like it? What color are they and would they need some refreshment? Different laminates, for example, are well suited as floor materials, but installing them is always a bit tedious. The use of floor mats has again increased in popularity in recent years as different patterns and materials have evolved. It is easy to paint the walls in different shades and create effect walls with different wallpapers.


Once the floor is in order, it’s time to choose living room furniture. A multi-purpose living room is created by considering the size and shape of the room in relation to future furniture, materials and shades. Don’t be afraid, it’s also easy to make small changes to the living room without major renovations. Keep reading for the best and easiest tips for change.

Choosing a living room sofa

Many of the main pieces of furniture in the living room have a sofa. The sofa can accommodate all the residents and you can sit alone and enjoy the silence with good luck. The interior design trends of 2020 see more and more color, when gray begins to give way to the glory of color. A gray-toned sofa has been a pretty sure choice in recent years, as it has been easy to combine different shades with it. However, if you want to upgrade your sofa to the new decade, you might want to buy a new sofa in shades of blue or green. This may raise horrors in more moderate decorators, but many sofas today also come with interchangeable covers that make it easy to change the color and look of the sofa. If you want an even simpler look, just change the colors of the sofa cushions. New sofa cushion covers are available in many places and can be replaced at your fingertips.

If you decide to buy a new sofa instead of the old one, think carefully about what kind of use the sofa will come from and what features will be most appreciated. Sofa beds are practical if there are a lot of overnight guests in the village, but they may not be as soft and plush as regular sofas. In addition, they often weigh a lot, so moving them is a degree more laborious. If you have space, the guest room can be made separately or purchased for guests even with an inflatable wide mattress. This allows you to focus on other things when choosing a sofa.


When choosing a sofa, one must remember practicality, practicality and once again practicality. Can it be vacuumed underneath? If not, can it be easily moved so that poodles and food crumbs can be accessed with a vacuum cleaner? The most impractical choice of all is the heavy sofa, which cannot be reached and which, due to its size or location, cannot be moved for cleaning (the undersigned knows, I went and bought just such a sofa and now then suffers). While a large couch is lovely, relate it all smartly to your entire existing space. And don't forget ergonomics!

In recent years, domesticity in particular has risen in the interior. Finns know how to design stylish sofas that are guaranteed to last for decades. You can find Finnish sofas and furniture in Kuusilinna and Hakola, for example.

A coffee table completes the living room

The sofa is usually complemented by a coffee table where you can build beautiful interior layouts, store remote controls and books, and serve your loved ones morning coffee (Remember the coaster if you don’t want the coffee table to get dirty right in the morning). If you are acquiring a new coffee table, it is worth paying special attention to the materials in accordance with the interior design trends of the new decade. Wooden and wood-patterned coffee tables are now popular. Light beige blends beautifully with green and blue, which are rising color trends in interior design fashion.


Renovating a coffee table is not an easy project. It is best to buy a good and sturdy table that lasts time and an eye from year to year. On the other hand, if you like the variety of furniture, buy a quality coffee table that has a sales value when it’s time to change again. Old wooden coffee tables are also easy to paint today to look like new. Always remember to do the groundwork carefully and sand the surface to get a good result. There are a lot of instructions and tips on furniture renovation online. Pay special attention to the surface of the coffee table if eating and drinking in the living room while watching TV. Forcibly, water spills on the surface of the water glasses or the coffee cup may accidentally tip over. That’s when a sensitive surface that can’t withstand any moisture starts to crack and grimace. The undersigned also has personal experiences, unfortunately. Stylish coffee tables can be found e.g. from the Finnish Lamus.

You can also get a large fabric rack for the coffee table, the main fabric of which is easy to change according to the changes in the interior. Thus, even someone made macrame art by making yarns into a cover for money. That was great! Too bad there is no picture now. However, it is not recommended to put red wine glasses on a soft surface, as we all know how red wine and textile fabric go together. So if you want to make a coffee table out of money, get a sturdy tray for drinks and food.

Is the television a living room host?

As televisions grew in size, they often became the main piece of furniture in the living room according to which other interiors were arranged. Today, with tablets and phones, the importance of televisions as a key entertainment device has diminished and they tend to be hidden and incorporated into other interiors. For example, if you find the right size TV, its body may be the wrong color. Nowadays, the edges of televisions are very easy to adapt to the interior. Many have started tuning their TVs, for example, by coating the body with D-C-Fix, which gives the TV the desired color. DC Fix is ​​thus a contact plastic or film that can be glued to the desired surface and make the goods easy to look like. Although the D-C Fix does not withstand much wear and tear, it is worth carefully considering where to put it. Interior plastics are manufactured by Vallila, for example, so there are many patterns and options.




When hanging on a wall, the flat panel TV is easy to hide behind various wall-hung doors, for example, or place picture frames around the TV. I came across that frame idea recently and was left wondering where to find the right size frames. Admittedly, it’s hardly hard to do them yourself. There are countless ideas and you should look for them on various Facebook interior groups, Pinterest and Instagram.

Decorate the living room to look like it

Living rooms often have a lot of wall space, filling them often causes headaches. Traditional billboards and posters are a very good option. The problem with them, however, is that they stay the same from year to year and are difficult to vary with the seasons and the festivities. In addition, changing them takes time and money. For the living room wall, it is definitely worth choosing Basic or Basic Mini wall grids, which are available in several different colors.

The Basic Mini model is ingenious in that it is small and can be combined with different settings. For a large wall area, you can buy two white and one black lattice, which you arrange the way you want and decorate to look like your own. The layout can be easily changed and so can the decoration.


You can also arrange several other wall grids side by side, but this already requires quite a bit of wall space. If you have less space, you should choose one grid and a shelf, clips and hooks with it. This way you have a multi-purpose wall decoration that adapts to the seasons. For example, by combining a Basic grid and a shelf (why not even two), you can make beautiful arrangements of your wall lattice with various decorative objects and houseplants. With the help of clips, you can hang cards and photos on them, as well as jewelry on hooks.


Living room lighting and curtains

The living room often needs different lights depending on what you want to do there during me as well. It is a good idea for the ceiling lamp to be illuminating and soft over a wide area so that it does not get disgustingly in the eye. In addition to a ceiling lamp, you can buy, for example, a bright floor lamp that illuminates books and sewing. The small interior lights bring a wonderful atmosphere to dim evenings, for example when watching Netflix series marathons. You can easily make mood lighting from interior grids with the help of various interior lights.

When you hang the interior lights with radiators on the wall grid, you can change its position whenever you want. If your living room is really big, don’t try to find one good lamp that would illuminate the whole area but divide the living room into parts and illuminate each part with its own lamp. In this way, the lighting is the most efficient of all and can always be focused where it is most needed. It is a good idea to have at least five light sources so that the lighting is always the right kind. You can find domestic luminaires e.g. From Innolux.


In summer, the large windows in the living room bring in sunlight, making other lights less necessary. So assuming your living room has large windows. The amount of light can be increased with light surfaces and mirrors, which reduces the need for lamps even in summer. In summer, you should choose light shades for the living room curtains if you want to take advantage of nature's own light. Thin and light fabrics penetrate sunlight more effectively than thick blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are more suitable for decorating bedrooms. In summer heat, thin curtains should be kept in front of the windows, as they prevent the sun from causing heat in the apartment.

Once the winter comes down, the curtains in our homes can be thicker again. In fact, thick curtains do not allow the windows to spread the cold so well along the rooms, unlike thin curtains. The purchase of thick winter curtains is therefore in itself an energy-saving solution. However, do not forget the colors even in winter, because in the midst of darkness the mind needs a lot of refreshment. Fortunately, even blackout curtains are available today in beautiful shades and patterns! You can find curtains e.g. from the popular Vallila.


Seasonal living room decoration

For example, by varying the curtains and rugs in the living room, the look of the living room can be easily changed according to the seasons and parties. However, this means that you have to get your own curtains and rugs for each subject. Not so cheap or so durable. The look can also be changed with various interior items, but even in them there is a risk that they will accumulate in the corner to dust. The interior design trends of the 2020s will turn to more and more down-to-earth interior design, which will also increase the use of decorative plants and decorative flowers. The advantage of interior plants is that they are suitable for interior design all year round. On the small shelf of the wall grid you can easily buy seasonal flowers or even plant herbs in small pots.

Laa Laa Living's wall grids and their accessories make it easy to change the look of your living room without expensive changes. With the help of a large wall grid, you can make various interior design solutions even every month. The wall trusses are very easy to decorate according to the season: in the spring, the trellis can bring out flowers and herbs that brighten up the overall look. With the arrival of autumn, the trellis will be accompanied by different decorative lights and Christmas will bring different Christmas decorations to the trellis. You can easily build a picture collage of residents from the grids, giving the living room a personal look


However, keep in mind that if you want to make your living room a haven of peace, DO NOT hang stickers and calendars on the living room wall grid that create a sense of urgency. Buy another model as a memo board that is easy to put even in the hallway. In the hallway, it also stores keys and other small everyday items and you no longer have to look for them in the morning rush.

The living room also easily gets a new look by changing the location of the furniture. With the large space, you can play around and move furniture, for example, to the middle of the living room away from the walls! Carpets can be placed at an angle or on top of each other. Try different combinations and find your own inner feng shui. Remember, after all, there is no one right solution or way to decorate a living room. Your style and style is just right for your home!

Living room interior pitchers:

  • Choose durable materials for your living room
  • Vary the furniture locations
  • Preference is also given to ethical manufacturers in interior design
  • In 2020, more color will be introduced alongside gray
  • Choose a durable sofa with an easy-to-change cover
  • Tune in to old furniture or buy a quality that has resale value
  • Pay attention to the curtains and lighting according to the season

Below you will find the interior design products mentioned in the story:

Laa Laa Living is a Finnish interior design company that manufactures wall grids and other interior design elements. The selection is constantly expanding and new ideas are being sought in new winds of interior design. Laa Laa Living's basic principle is to produce sustainable interior design solutions that adapt to changes in the home and environment and last from year to year.

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