Interior Trends 2020

Interior Design Styles and Ideas 2020 - What is interior design and fashion for the new decade?

Interior design trends 2020 are the hottest topic of conversation in the new decade of interior design. Little by little, it’s time to move toward a more colorful and down-to-earth interior design fashion for 2020 and 2021. In 2019, and throughout the previous decade, interior design trends saw modern elegance in a light and bright home. Alongside linearity and minimalism, personal details and art deco rose. Pastel shades held their surface for a longer period of time, but small patches of color began to appear here and there at the end of the decade. Scandinavian elegance gained popularity from year to year and the use of natural materials began to increase. Closeness to nature was gradually becoming a rising trend alongside different shades of white and gray. If we look at interior design in 2020, one can see the trend continuing towards natural interior design with even more colorful options.


Durable and versatile interior

In 2020, the interior design will place particular emphasis on ecology and naturalness, based on the principles of sustainable development that have emerged in recent years. Ecological and responsible production has long been a growing trend in clothing production, and finally it is also shifting to interior design. Manufacturers are increasingly offering responsibly produced items with a variety of uses that are meant to last from year to year. In this new decade, interior design will pay attention to the utilization of surplus and recycled materials, the circular economy, the responsible manufacture of products, the tuning of the old, handicrafts and domesticity.

Minimalistinen ja luonnonläheinen sisustus laa laa living

At Laa Laa Living, ecology, versatility, sustainability and responsibility are our top priorities and we will not abandon these principles in the future. The products are carefully designed in Finland and honed to completion with production that operates in our neighboring country, Estonia. The materials are selected from durable metal so that there are no quality deviations. Products are also inspected individually before packaging and shipped to customers. In the coming decade 2020, we will expand our range to other products, with a special emphasis on natural materials and Finnish handicrafts.

The tuning of old interior products is the basic philosophy of Laa Laa Living, as our products are durable and timeless. In particular, wall grids can be utilized and modified according to the interior for decades to come, which reduces the environmental impact of the production of interior products. In addition, our metallic products are fully recyclable in metal processing once they have finally reached the end of their life cycle. Our dream is that we could utilize recycled gratings in the production of new gratings in the future. In 2020, we will also launch our new sustainable circular economy concept, which aims to promote interior recycling, reduce waste caused by interior style variations and promote responsible operations among manufacturers.


2020 interior and fashion color worlds

Traditional colors, such as black and white as well as different shades of gray, have kept their surface as fashion colors in the interior for a long time. And not swamped, they are easy to combine with other colors and are often so to speak, it’s a safe choice. However, in the new decade, it’s worth going crazy with colors too! The trend colors for 2020 will be e.g. different shades of beige and brown that gradually displace gray, creating a more down-to-earth feel to our homes. Accent colors will be played with bolder, and blue and green in particular will rise to their rights. Beige is also easy to combine with other earthy colors, such as burnt reddish brown or saffron yellow.

Reddish brown and saffron yellow will also be highlighted in clothing fashion from early 2020. Papu and Hicca, for example, have brought reddish brown and yellow to their new collections. The summer and autumn clothing collection also emphasizes the shades of blue, red and green. You can follow fashion trends e.g. responsible fashion and well-being in our online store Laa Laa Looks.

In blue interior colors, special emphasis will be placed on a strong but gentle tone. The blue color scatters a little light beige, giving the interior a degree edge. However, blue does not have to cover large areas of the home, as even the smallest blue detail brings light and freshness to the interior. In shades of green, the olive close to nature will increase its popularity in interior colors. As we know, a shade of light green finances the mind and therefore the whole body. That is why there are often shades of green on the walls of hospitals too!

Beige goes perfectly with olive green. The down-to-earth interior will come to life in 2020 from a solid union of blue (sky, water), beige and brown (earth, wood) and green (plants).


Does courage reflect on the use of color? Nowadays, painting walls and tiles is quite effortless and easy. The tiles on the toilet and bathroom should now be painted in fresh colors, which will bring a wonderfully tropical and spa-like atmosphere to the interior of the Bathrooms. Utilization of wall gratings in the interior design of toilets and bathrooms will increase its popularity, as, for example, star-shaped grids are easy to attach to the wall tile either at the seam point with a screw or with a strong adhesive hook directly to the tile. This results in beautiful and unique jewelry racks that save space on cabinets and table tops. We definitely recommend bringing out beautiful jewelry to give you a unique and unique looking wall decoration and a good reminder to vary your jewelry every morning according to your clothing.

Black and white wall decorations are conducive to creating a good basis for the use of interior colors. Larger and smaller trusses are easy to hang in any room of the home and decorate according to trends and seasons. Especially in 2020 and 2021, you will definitely want to expand the use of wall grids as part of your interior design, as there are now small shelves available on which to place items as well as interior items in order.


Down to earth and greenery in homes and decor

As a fashion phenomenon in interior design, the 2020s will see even more down-to-earth entities built from genuine and natural materials. Houseplants rise to prominence again, creating a natural look to the interior. In the atmosphere of the home, special emphasis will be placed on tranquility, supported by natural tones (green) and genuine materials. You should now surround yourself with nice memories, calm colors and nature that calms the whole mind and body.

Houseplants are easy to lift on the wall in grids when you either place the jar with a hook on the truss or attach a small shelf to the grid. This makes it easy to put other decorations around the plant as well as combine different flowers. The wooden materials used in the interior also bring closeness to the ground. Nordic birch is one of the most widely used wood materials, as it bends in many ways and is extremely beautiful. When stained or dyed, it awakens to a whole new dimension.


Beautiful flowers and plants sound soothing and lush as the creator of a home atmosphere. Of course, acquiring them requires some sort of green thumb defect. Various cacti and aloes are a good option for those who mostly get their houseplants dead. Plastic alternatives are also available for houseplants, but they are not so compatible with ecological interior design thinking. Other easy-care houseplants include Rahapuu, Anopinkieli, Trakkipuu and Viirivehka. The right houseplants should be preferred, because in addition to their beautiful appearance, the plants clean the room air.

Curved lines will fund the interior in 2020

Curved and round shapes are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. The furniture shows a lot of 70’s spirit exuding soft lines. Fortunately, however, these arrive in our homes in an updated and more modern form. The interior is easy to soften and soothe with curved and angular interior products. The amount of goods is also allowed to move into the background in the interior as minimalism floods into homes. If you are purchasing new furniture, such as cabinets, prefer door shelves behind which mandatory items can be hidden. Glass display cases are beautiful, but then it is worth paying special attention to the display of goods, so that the look does not become too restless again. Curved lines, serenity and simplicity are the cornerstones of interior design trends 2020.


Laa Laa Living's product range rarely includes sharp or heavy shapes. The classic bunny lattice will be a hit interior product in 2020 thanks to its round shapes, and its demand has already started to rise in late 2019. New products in the interior design of 2020 include: popular pineapple lattice in black and white.

In the fall of 2020, we also released a new Art Deco-inspired Basic Mini wall grid in black and white that brings imagination and style to homes. With the help of small wall grids, you make stylish setups for the large living room walls that are easy to vary as you like.


Playful decoration with a twinkle in the corner of the eye

In the 2020s, interior design trends will also emphasize the joy of life, imagination and freedom to detach. Laa Laa Living also consists of all this; enabling the imagination and a happy attitude to life. Interior design trends are increasingly shifting to personal forms, making each home certainly its own unique entity. Do you still love that childhood teddy bear board or do you miss the posters of your favorite bands? Make them all have their own place in your home so you can return to that childhood and youthful atmosphere again. Remember that decorating shouldn’t always be serious but small details and colors can always be chosen with playfulness and a twinkle in the eye!

If you want tips for decorating different rooms as well as examples of using wall gratings as part of a varied interior, read all the interior design ideas and tips we’ve put together for you. Also, be sure to join the world of Laa Laa and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest decorating tips to read right away.

Do you remember the pitches of interior design 2020 or is there another summary?:

  • Choose durable materials for the interior
  • Preference is also given to ethical manufacturers in interior design
  • In 2020, more color will be introduced alongside gray
  • Get nature into your home and let it take over your decor
  • Create softness in your home with the curved lines of 2020s interior design products
  • Above all: keep in the interior, as in any other life, a twinkle in the corner of your eye!

Below you will find the interior design products mentioned:

The bunny-shaped wall lattice is Laa Laa Living's most popular grid, from which the entire Laa Laa sky originated. Gradually new shapes and colors began to appear in our collection and the interior took on new dimensions.

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