Interior lights and candles

Light ath the middle of the darkness

By no later than Halloween, at least in Finland, you will long for the refreshing and warm mood lighting that interior and Christmas lights bring. Admittedly, many now call them seasonal lights so that hanging them in October doesn't sound so crazy. And why it would be crazy! Light brings warmth to the mind and refreshes the everyday.

Wall Grids are easy to decorate with interior lighting. There are plenty of standard mains-powered interior lights, but they can be quite long, especially on smaller grids. Of course, it depends on how you want them to be arranged. For example, a large glass bowl can be placed in front of the interior grille, which is placed against the wall, where the end of the light guide is placed. The extra part can be used as you wish and can be attached to rotate it, even along a table or ceiling.

However, the easiest thing to do is to buy radiator-powered interior lighting, which is often quite short and in many cases also fun. For just a few euros you can buy wonderful lights that adorn a window-shaped lattice, for example.


When hanging the grid away from the wall, it must be mounted very carefully! In the photo above, the star lattice hangs on the hook in the window frame using a thick wire. Do not put anything heavy on the grid when you cannot secure it to the wall using the angle screws provided with the grid.

The interior lights also make it easy to create different moods for the occasion. Lights are wonderful to combine with a variety of materials, as long as you remember to make sure that the lights are for indoor use only and do not get into hot areas.


Halloween is a fall party that pops up and leaves quickly. Not all of this takes the time to decorate the whole house, so it's easy to make the grid an "ornamental altar" that brings a Halloween feel, but is quick and easy to dismantle after the holidays. In the picture above, the lights are played with a spider web bought from the store and an orange halloween hat that brings the right shade.

It is also possible to attach small candlesticks to the grids and to light the candles. However, this is not recommended indoors, at least if the lattice and candlesticks are not properly secured. Outside on the terrace and balcony, the lattice with its twinkling glows delightfully illuminates the first twilight of autumn.

Different colors of interior lights bring light all year round. Colors can vary according to mood and children especially like colorful lights as part of the Nursery interior. The multi-purpose wall grille is a Must Have interior design product that can be varied in color and purpose, depending on the season, mood and preferences. Now keep your interior lights as part of a cheerful interior year-round!