Ideas for terrace and balcony

Interior design trends and ideas for balconies and terraces 2020

In the construction and decoration of balconies and terraces, you can unleashes your imagination. The glazed balcony, in particular, is easy to decorate in Finland as you wish throughout the year. In the winter, balconies are equipped with different heaters, so you can enjoy the frost.

Decorating the terraces usually focuses on spring and summer. A sheltered and covered patio allows you to use versatile furniture that doesn't always have to be designed for outdoor use. We also recommend sheltered and covered balconies and terraces for wall grilles. This prevents the grids from being exposed to direct rainfall.


Comfort and harmony come first

The comfort of balconies and terraces is the most important criterion. This gives every resident a place to take a moment to relax and enjoy nature, the environment and their stay. Although the living room is the focal point of the home, it is a good idea to have a balcony and patio where you can escape from the noise, TV, phones, heads and focus on a good book. The terrace, which is used mainly in the summer, is definitely a symbol of leisure and a haven of peace, the purpose of which is to wipe away the stresses of work.

Whether you buy yard furniture, a self-built wooden corner sofa, or an old armchair that has been dug out of storage for reuse, invest in the living area in particular. Play with furniture and get different sets of furniture. This gives the balconies and terraces a playful look. But remember to focus on harmony. Even if the furnishings are all different pairs, strive for the same color finish so that the end result is not too restless. For example, pillows and duvets of the same color and pattern will help.


Let nature take in the balconies and terraces

Interior Trends 2020 sees a particular increase in natural proximity, allowing balconies and terraces to decorate with plenty of flowers, plants and herbs. Even a small balcony makes it easy to grow your own tomatoes and strawberries! For small-scale cultivation of herbs and flowers, wall grilles are the perfect choice for creating a wall garden herb. At least in the summer of 2019, small magnet pots were found in department stores, growing dill, parsley and other fresh ingredients. Magnets stay well on solid grids, making it easy to make a small wall garden. If you do not find magnetic herb pots, you can also hang different kinds of pots with S-hooks. The basic lattice in black or white is a sure choice for a spectacular wall for balconies. When you no longer need a lattice for a flower stand, decorate it for autumn darkness with a variety of candlesticks and interior lights.


Light on balconies and patios

Midsummer does not need much outdoor lighting, but as the months of July change into August and summer turns to autumn, it is wonderful to create a different atmosphere. There is a huge amount of lamps and courtyards that can be easily installed in any place. If you want to change your place sometimes, you might want to decorate one wall grille with lights and twinkles so you can quickly and easily change its position on your balcony. Always remember the fire safety when burning candles! Use only suitable torch tips and do not hang any flame retardant above the torches.


Be sure to apply these guidelines to outsiders too! Many old front houses have beautiful and comfortable exteriors where you can spend time and sit down at the end of the day on a rainy day. Decorate these spaces with plants and various comfortable furniture.

Balconies, terraces and exterior décor and furniture need not be the last shout. The most stylish ensembles consist of self-tinted old furnishings and wooden items made by residents. Old denim can be made into a pillow, a rug pad for a rocking chair, or a stool for a baby table! There are no rules for these, so look for ideas from different crafting groups and apply them to your own preferences.


Tips for interior decoration of balconies and terraces 2020:

  • Focus on tranquility and balconies for tranquility and harmony
  • Play with different furniture
  • Decorate each one with plants and herbs
  • When autumn comes, you will change flower pots to lights and candles
  • Tune in old furnishings and furniture

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