Home textiles for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

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Fanni K Usva blue decorative pillow

A beautiful kerosene blue decorative pillow that is suitable for decoration all year round

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Treasure Owl black soft pillow

Cute black owl pattern pillow for the children's room and interior
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Textiles for every room of the home. Are you looking for sheets, towels or other textile products to decorate and decorate your home? Here you will find a wide selection of the highest quality textiles for home as well as work.

Order home textiles for a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom from our Finnish online store

Home textiles for decoration and use

Textiles are perhaps the most important home decoration and utility item needed in almost every room. Home textiles include bedroom linens such as pillowcases and duvet covers, kitchen textiles such as towels and pots, and bathroom and toilet textiles. Home textiles also include carpets and other fabric home and interior items. It is worth investing in home textiles, as they are part of everyday life. High-quality and well-chosen textiles make everyday life even more comfortable.

Home textiles can be easily ordered from our Finnish interior design boutique online. Laa Laa Living is here to provide you with the highest quality home textiles, interior design products and furniture to make your daily life easier and bring comfort and beauty around you. Now renew your home textile selection and order home textiles from our online store with a 30-day exchange and return policy.

The look of the interior with new home textiles

Textile products are the easiest way to decorate your home according to the season. In summer, textiles such as curtains and rugs are easy to switch to fresh and light options. With the onset of autumn, we start looking for warm colors so that the cold doesn’t creep into homes yet. At Christmas, textiles make it easy to create a Christmas vibe with different Christmas colors and patterns. Seasonal changing textiles not only create a new look for your home but extend the life of the textiles. Christmas fabrics can always be stored in the closet for a year to wait for the next Christmas, when they do not wear out in continuous use.

With the help of textiles, it is easy to vary the look between different interior styles. Light textiles, such as towels, are ideal for rustic or Scandinavian décor. The Japanese-inspired or Japandi-style interior focuses primarily on minimalism as well as monochrome products. On the other hand, if you want to get more rougher Industrial style for your home, choose darker colors. Even in modern interiors, dark textiles go well with light surfaces.

Choose high quality and durable home textiles

It is definitely worth investing in the quality of textiles. High-quality towels and sheets last from year to year and do not fade in the wash. In addition, the high-quality textile is Oeko-Tex or GOTS-certified, which means that it is produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and does not contain harmful chemicals. The high quality of the textiles makes the products more durable and easy to clean. We also want to place particular emphasis on ethics in textile production, as responsibly manufactured textiles enhance our surrounding world every towel, rug and sheet at a time.

Good tips for buying home textiles online:

    Always read the product information well
    Pay attention to materials: certain materials are more durable than others
    Look at the dimensions of the product and think about whether they fit the place you designed
    The pictures give really nice tips for using textiles
    Read the instructions for washing and caring for textiles well
    You can always return the products with a 30-day exchange and return policy!

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