Yamazaki japandi style online

Yamazaki japandi-inspired interior products are minimalist and ingeniously designed consumer goods. The design of Yamazaki’s products is inspired by life in Japan, which often requires adaptation to small living spaces, especially in large cities. The starting points of the design are order, storage and space saving, which makes the objects both beautiful and practical. Yamazak's goal is to improve the quality of life for users of its products.

You can now easily order Japanese-style interior design online from our Finnish online store.

Yamazaki Home’s history and experience dates back more than 100 years, when the family business was established to manufacture ironing boards for households. In recent years, the Japanese brand, which has extensive traditions, has set out to expand its operations by designing stylish and everyday interior design and storage solutions that make everyday life easier.

The Japanese appreciate the traditional as well as versatile interior, which is easy to adapt to different uses. In Japan, the aim is to save space and create an open and minimalist interior look. That is why the Japandi style has also landed in Finland, as Finnish interior designers today especially value simplicity and versatility.

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Yamazaki Tower magnetic hook

The magnetic hook is suitable for combination with Laa Laa Living wall gratings

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Yamazaki Tosca storage box L

Convenient and beautiful interior box with a wooden handle that makes the metal box easy to move

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Yamazaki Tosca storage box S

Practical and stylish white storage box with a wooden handle. Store sanitary ware and deposit small items.

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Yamazaki Plain Round Side Table black

The high-quality metal side table is also stylish for the living room, bedroom or balcony


Yamazaki Tower wine glass rack on the shelf

Practical glass rack for wine glasses or other glass for hanging at the bottom of the shelf


Yamazaki Tower narrow shoe rack white

The high and narrow white shoe rack is suitable for small vestibules as a stylish storage rack

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Yamazaki Tower narrow black shoe rack

High and narrow black shoe rack suitable for small hallways as a stylish shoe store

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Yamazaki Tower Shelf with magnet

Multi-purpose magnetically attached shelf for kitchen or bathroom
SALE 48.90 €

Yamazaki Tower towel rack

The practical towel rail that hangs in the door is suitable for the bathroom or kitchen


Yamazaki Tosca shelf podium

Very beautiful and practical additional wooden shelf for storage, serving and a side table

SALE 45.00 €
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Yamazaki Tosca jewelery box

White Round Jewelry Box Preserves Necklaces, Watches and Earrings Minimally and Practically

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Yamazaki Plain White Side Table

Beautiful graceful side table with wooden legs is suitable for the living room, bedside table or terrace or balcony


Yamazaki Tower Wall Shelf

Stylish Japandi-style wooden wall shelf that fits in every room of the home

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Yamazaki Tower Ladder decoration stand with shelf

Ladder-like interior stand with a practical shelf

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Yamazaki Tower White Jewelry Box

The round white jewelry box stores necklaces, watches and earrings in style and minimalism

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Yamazaki Tower black jewelry box

Round Black Jewelry Box Stores Necklaces, Watches, Rings and Earrings in a Stylish and Minimalist

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Yamazaki Tower narrow side table black

Perfect narrow side table with deck to store goods underneath and serves as a storage or serving tray

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Yamazaki Tower Toothbrush Holder

Practical and stylish Toothbrush holder for toothbrushes and toothpastes in Japanese style

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Yamazaki Tower storage stand

Stylish and practical stand for tablets, books and everyday necessities so you can always find them in one place


Yamazaki Tower Slim clothes rack white

The minimalist and versatile white coat hanger fits into every room of the home

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Yamazaki Tower Slim black clothing rack

Stylish wall-mounted black clothes rack fits into a small space in every room of the home as well as the office

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