Laa Laa Living Small Interior Shelf, black

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The little black shelf takes wall grids to a whole new level

The Laa Laa Living black small shelf is suitable for use with almost all Laa Laa Living wall grids. The metal interior shelf takes brand-new storage and wall grating to a whole new level!

Order a black stylish metallic small shelf for your wall lattice and place it on flowers, candles or ornaments. The shelf can be fitted with folds or small baskets to store jewelry, small sewing supplies or other small items. Combine a black shelf with a light lattice for a more edged edge.

Wall grid shelf features:

  • Dimensions: height 90 mm, width 130 mm, depth 130 mm
  • Material: metal
  • Color: Black
  • Designed in Finland
  • Made in Estonia

Compatible with all our Wall grids and Wire Memo Boards except the Pineapple model!

In interior design, the wall gride is a durable and versatile element that adapts to changes in the home. It is therefore an ecological choice in the midst of modern consumer culture. When you change your interior or home, the grille easily adapts to new colors, furniture and styles. Durable and high quality materials do not allow time to be printed.

Laa Laa Living is a Finnish interior design company that manufactures wall lattices and other interior elements. The range is constantly expanding and new ideas are being sought for the new breezes of the interior. Laa Laa Living's basic principle is to provide sustainable interior design solutions that adapt to changes in the home and environment, and last year in use. Choose an eco-friendly and sustainable interior design now!

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