Yamazaki Tower wine glass rack on the shelf

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The shelf-mounted rack is an ingenious storage solution for wine glasses

The Yamazaki Tower wine glass rack is a practical glass rack for wine glasses or other pedestal glasses that hangs at the bottom of the shelf. The rack does not need to be attached to the shelf, it is simply threaded into place. With this ingenious product, you can take advantage of the wasted space between the shelf and the level, freeing up valuable cupboard space from the wine glasses for other uses. Padding stickers prevent the shelf from being scratched and also act as non-slip devices.

Shelf-mounted wine glass rack:

    Dimensions: 7 x 11 x 26 cm
    Fits shelves up to 2.2 cm thick
    Material: powder coated steel
    Designed in Japan

Yamazaki japandi-inspired interior products are minimalist and ingeniously designed consumer goods. The design of Yamazaki’s products is inspired by life in Japan, which often requires adaptation to small living spaces, especially in large cities. The starting points of the design are order, storage and space saving, which makes the objects both beautiful and practical.

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