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Home use items include everyday everyday items that you need in the kitchen, on a business trip or for hobbies. Consumables You should choose the quality above, as a quality product will last a long time in use. As another criterion, it is worth paying attention to the product's responsibility and environmental friendliness. A sustainably manufactured, responsible consumer product serves both the buyer and the environment.

In our consumer goods you will find various bottles, jars and tippers, e.g. From Point-Virgule, which uses a lot of ecological materials in its products. Point-Virgule manufactures e.g. composite containers are very durable and lightweight. They do not absorb liquids or juices from food or other foods. Natural fiber containers have a beautiful, natural-feeling surface. Ecological composite containers are made of surplus materials! Bamboo used in containers and jars is inherently antibacterial.

The composite material uses bamboo fiber left over from the manufacture of other bamboo products, such as cutting boards. When the cutting boards are cut and shaped from bamboo boards, the remaining pieces are chopped and the resulting mass is dyed with natural pigments. Other natural fibers, pigment and resin holding the containers together are added to the pulp, after which a variety of containers can be made from the pulp with the help of molds.

Also check out our range of interior design and storage as well as our own brand Laa Laa Living.

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Clips for Wall Grid 10 pcs set

Set of black clips to attach photos and notes to the wall grids

In Stock

Black S-Hooks 3 pcs set

Black S-shaped hook to hang small items for wall grids

In Stock

White S-Hooks 3 pcs set

White S-hooks hang items such as jewelry, keys, glasses and other important items on the grids

In Stock