Recycle your decor



Recycle your decor effortlessly in our online store

The circular economy has become part of sustainable and responsible interior design. Now you can change the interior in a sustainable way as often as you like. Put old Laa Laa Living products into circulation and buy new ones with a refund. It doesn’t matter if your product has experienced a bit of bumps, as long as it’s still fit for its intended use.

By sending your old Laa Laa Living interior decoration product to us, we will refund you 30% of the RRP price of the product in the form of a gift card, optionally to either the Laa Laa Living or Laa Laa Looks online store.

The refund code is valid for 6 months from the date of the refund!

How do I recycle my decor?

When you want to sell your old Laa Laa Living interior design product to us, please contact us by e-mail at:

Mention in the e-mail which product is in question and attach a picture of the product. If there are bumps or other anomalies in the product, take a picture of them as well. Also indicate in the message which online store you want to receive a refund for. You will receive return instructions in response when the refund is accepted. Once the product has arrived to us and has been found to comply with the information provided, you will receive a refund code via email to the selected online store.

You don’t have to clean the product, we take care of putting it up for sale for you. Most importantly, the product is still usable for its intended use.

Used products can be purchased here with a -45% discount off the normal price

How do I buy a used interior?

All goods received by us are handled, inspected, cleaned, described and finished in all respects. Used interior design products will be published here as they arrive to us.

By purchasing used interior design products from us, you ensure that they are guaranteed to be cleaned, inspected, and bumps and wear and tear are mentioned in the description of each product. This way you know for sure what you are getting quickly and safely.

To summarize:

For example, if you send us a Laa Laa Living Basic wall grid replacement, we will refund you 30% of the sale price of the product in the form of a gift code, ie € 10.47. Once the product has been processed and repacked by us, it will arrive on sale here for 19.19 €.

Why do we refund 30% and reduce the price 45%? That difference covers the cost of handling and shipping the product. Our intention is not to make a profit with our circular economy concept, but to offer a sustainable solution for interior recycling.

Sell, replace and renew your interior now easily at Laa Laa Living