The Finnish interior design brand Laa Laa Living was born in 2017 from a wonderful idea, big dreams, a touch of courage and a pinch of crazy. The brand was created by Annika and Vesa, the parents of two little boys, who were united by a passion for beautiful and playful interior design items. This gave rise to the first prototypes of rectangular lattices. Wall gratings in their diversity are top quality design products; beautiful décor elements that decorate your home with practical decorative and storage solutions.

One day while looking at the lattice, Vesa threw in the idea that what if the lattice was not a familiar rectangle, but could be bunny! From that sitting, Annika took a pen in her hand and sketched it on a piece of paper with a bunny on it. How wonderful such a bunny-shaped wall grid would be! And what a new, fun and fresh idea like never before seen. The story of Laa Laa Living had thus begun.


Soon, however, Vesa and Annika realized that the hurries of other areas of life began to overwhelm and they could no longer develop their idea and love their brand as much as they wanted. In 2019, they began looking for a successor to their work who was ready to take Laa Laa Living's story to the next level.

After many bends, interviews, phone calls and emails, they came across Anna, who fell in love with the design brand at first glance. Everything in it felt familiar, personal and right! Anna already had experience in the necessary areas where Laa Laa Living could be taken to the world. The thoughts of Vesa, Annika and Anna met quickly and in less than a week plans and changes had been made to move Laa Laa Living to Anna's care.