Children's room decoration

Children's room decoration



Ideas for Nursery Decor - Only Imagination is the Limit!

Wall grids are a durable and fun interior design solution for every nursery, boys' and girls' own kingdom. The wall latticesgives playroom a great look and is fun to decorate with the kids. The child is allowed to unleash his or her own imagination and hang favorite objects and drawings. The lattice is also suitable for the mother, even as a Babyshower gift. Decorate the lattice with mom's look and hang some lovely baby as a gift for the newcomer! The first ultrasound images remain well displayed and stored in the grid until a small newcomer arrives.


Stylish bunny grid is suitable for both small and large children. The bunny is a classic metal memo board that can be used in the bedroom, living room or even in the kitchen. The neutral and fun bunny-shaped grid adds a unique look and playfulness to the interior. Elegance and practicality comes in black, white, pink or mint.

As the child grows, the interior of the room often changes. Old posters will no longer seem so meaningful. Wall grid is an ecological interior design solution that grows year after year with your child! From the first animal photos and posters, to your favorite jewelry, you'll soon be switching to your favorite band posters, headphones, buddies, and other favorite items that can be easily hung on a grid. When school starts, the wire memo works well as a note pad, where parents can easily leave sticky notes for the busy, sleepy, and tired teenager.


Cloud grid welcomes the child to the land of dreams. The mint color is a perfect match with pink, for example! The cloud-shaped wall grid is available in pink, black, white and light mint blue.

The metal grid serves as a soothing décor next to the bed, where you can hang jewelry, unicorns or kid's own drawings. It is easy to customize the décor according to what the child himself wants next to the bed. And as we know, especially in toddlers, the mind can change weekly! Is she or he afraid of bad dreams? Hang a small sleep catcher together on a lattice. When the scary dreams are gone with age and they no longer need a sleep catcher, you can hang on to the grid for example morning greetings.


A good looking Superhero grid brings attitude to the boys' and girls' room. This grid is also loved by adult superhero fans. It decorates the wall as it is, or store jewelry, toys or even the most important collectible cards.

The grid grows with your child throughout your teenage years through to adulthood, when it definitely goes to their first home! Designing a durable interior for a childrens' bedroom has never been so straightforward. The durable metal grid suits as an eco-friendly interior design solution.