Children's room decoration

Ideas for Nursery Decor - Only Imagination is the Limit!

The first thing future parents start planning is decorating the Nursery. For the newcomer, they start making purchases, hopping their first toys and thinking about the color of the room. After all, color is the most challenging. Will there be a girl or a boy? Is it pink or blue? Don't worry, the look of the Nursery will change as the child grows many more times! Whatever stays with the interior is a wall grid that adapts to the different stages and needs of the child's life.

In the first few months, a wall lattice may hang next to a crib that hangs in an pacifier or a photo of parents. Use the clip to store the favorite stuffed animals. That way, you can keep those essential items you need in the little hours of the night, right next to you and in the safe, without having to search them all over the dark Kids Room floor. By the way, that lovely mint tint perfectly fits in with the pink wall. So like this, mint is the perfect unisex color if black and white stutter.


The grid is also suitable for the expectant mother, even as a Babyshower gift. Decorate the lattice with mother's look and hang some lovely baby clothes or stuffed animals as a gift for the newcomer. The first ultrasound images remain well displayed on the grid and are admired by guests.

As the little one grows up and moves to a bigger bed, you can work together to decorate the wire board next to the bed with interior lights. This makes the lattice a wonderful and safe night light! You can also hang your first jewelry and drawings on it. It is wonderful to decorate wall grids together with your child. Let your imagination run wild and hang your favorite things of the moment on it.

Or does the toddler's mind change daily as to what his favorite item is? Well, luckily, the grid is easy to decorate even on a daily basis. Everyday decorating may not be as meaningful to a parent as to a child, but the lattice also teaches  him or her to take good care of those most important items so that they will not lie behind the sofas.

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As the child grows, the interior of the room often changes. Old posters will no longer seem so meaningful. Wall grid is an ecological interior design solution that grows year after year with a child! From the first animal photos and posters, to favorite jewelry and minivans, you'll soon be switching to your favorite band posters, headphones, buddies, and other favorite items that are easy to hang on a grid. When school starts, the lattice works well as a note pad, where parents can easily leave sticky notes for the busy, sleepy, and tired teenager.

Stylish bunny rack is suitable for both small and large children. The bunny is a classic wall grid that can be used later in the bedroom, living room or even in the kitchen. A neutral and fun bunny-shaped grille adds a unique look and playfulness to the interior. Elegance and practicality combine in black, white, pink or mint.

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Well, to be honest, the offspring will probably get tired of the grid itself at some point. Then it's easy to use as a family memo pad, even in the hallway or as a recipe store in the kitchen. By the time the old stuff becomes important again, the lattice is easy to take back to the teenager's own room. Even if it gets dusted in the basement for a year or two, it will still be as good as new.

A good looking Superhero lattice brings attitude to the boys 'and girls' room. This grid is also loved by adult superhero fans. The mesh of DC Comics and Marvel exudes the wall as it is, or store jewelry, toys or even the most important collectible cards. Best of all, all kinds of magnets stick to the grid, so hanging up cards and tags is quick and easy!


The most important thing in the interior of a nursery is the durable interior that changes and grows with the child. This avoids the proliferation of items that are laborious and time consuming to get rid of. The wall grid adapts to the child's needs and imagination at all ages and is certainly the first item to accompany his or her home. Because yes, that time will come as they fly from their nests, but enjoy those years when we can still influence our opinions about the kind of environment in which the offspring grow!