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Living Room Decor Ideas - How to Make Interior Decoration Easily and Quickly?


The living room is perhaps one of the most central rooms in the home where you spend a lot of time and especially relaxing. It is a common space in the home where all residents enjoy and spend time. From the hectic everyday, the living room offers the ultimate relaxation spot for watching TV, reading, playing or just lounging on the couch. What makes each resident most comfortable and relaxing.

It is a good idea to look first at the floor and walls when decorating your living room. Do you already like them? What color are they and would they need some liveliness? For example, different types of laminates are suitable as flooring materials, but they are always a bit laborious to install. The use of floor mats in recent years has increased in popularity as designs and materials have evolved. It is easy to paint the walls in different shades and to create effect walls with different wallpapers.

Once the floor is in order, it is time to choose furniture for the living room. The multi-purpose living room is created by thinking about the size and shape of the room in relation to the furniture, materials and shades to come. Don't be scared, it is also easy to make small changes to your living room without major renovations. Keep reading to get the best and easiest change tips.


Choosing a Living Room Sofa

For many, the most important piece of furniture in the living room is the sofa. The couch can accommodate all the residents and you can sit alone and enjoy the quiet on a good tour. Interior Trends 2020 is seeing more and more colors and gray is beginning to give way to color shine. A gray-colored sofa has been a fairly secure choice in recent years, as it has been easy to combine different shades with it. However, if you want to upgrade your sofa for the new decade, consider buying a new sofa in blue or green. This may raise horror in more moderate interiors, but many sofas nowadays also come with replaceable covers, which makes it easy to change the color and look of the sofa. For a simpler look, just change the color of the sofa cushions. New sofa cushion covers can be found in many places and it is easy to replace them.

If you decide to buy a new sofa instead of the old one, think carefully about what kind of use the sofa will be used for and what features are most valued. Sofa beds are useful if the village has a large number of overnight guests, but they may not be as plush and plush as ordinary sofas. In addition, they often weigh heavily, making them more laborious to move. If you have the space, the guest room can be made individually or purchased for guests even with an inflatable wide mattress. This allows you to focus on other issues when choosing a sofa.

When choosing a sofa, keep in mind practicality, practicality and, once again, practicality. Can I vacuum it underneath? If not, is it easily moved so that the vacuum cleaner can access wool croissants and food crumbs? The most impractical choice is the heavy sofa, which cannot be accessed and cannot be moved for cleaning due to its size or location. Although a large sofa is wonderful, relate it to your existing space wisely.

What about ergonomics, then? On a steep couch, his back thanks the leaver. Sturdier cushions and frame provide good support compared to very soft seat cushions. But while the practicality and ergonomics can be endlessly refined, remember that you should be comfortable in your living room, so first and foremost choose the furniture according to your preference. After a hard day, it's wonderful to fall on the couch, put your feet up and watch the world around you.


A coffee table completes the living room

The sofa is usually complemented by a coffee table where you can build beautiful décor, store remote controls and books, and serve your loved one a morning coffee (Remember, if you don't want the coffee table to get dirty right after breakfast). Morning coffees and breads are easy to serve on Sunday mornings in the living room, for example with Yo Zen's stylish Origami Swan tray. If you are looking for a new coffee table, you should pay special attention to materials in accordance with the decor trends of the new decade. Wooden and wood-patterned coffee tables are now popular. Light beige blends beautifully with green and blue, which are rising color trends in interior fashion.

Renovating a coffee table is not an easy project. Ideally, you should buy a durable table that lasts time and eyes year after year. On the other hand, if you like changing furniture, buy a high quality coffee table that has a market value when it's time to change again. Old wooden coffee tables are also easy to paint today. Remember to always do the groundwork carefully and sand the surface to make the final result good. There are lots of tips and tips for furniture renovation online.

You can also get a large cloth sofa for a coffee table, the outer fabric of which is easy to change according to interior changes. However, it is not recommended to put red wine glasses on a soft surface, as we all know how red wine and light textile can fit together. So if you want to make a couch a coffee table, get a sturdy tray for drinks and food. In addition, you can purchase additional billing levels, for example from multi-use serial desks.


Is the TV host the living room?

As the TVs grew in size, they often became the most important piece of furniture in the living room, according to which other interiors were adapted. Today, with tablets and phones, televisions have become less important as a key entertainment device, and are more likely to be hidden and included in other interiors. If the right size TV is found, its body may be the wrong color or otherwise very cluttered. The edges of TVs are nowadays very easy to customize to fit the interior. Many people have begun to tune their television, for example, by coating the body with D-C-Fix, which gives the television the desired color. When hanging on a wall, it is easy to hide the flat panel TV behind eg various wall-hung doors or to tune it into a whiteboard by placing a frame around the TV stand! There are countless ideas and you should look for them in different Facebook decoration groups.

For example, a Laa Laa Living Basic wall grid can be hung on the living room wall as a friend of the dock, which can be combined with a small interior shelf. If you do not want to keep the remote controls on the tables or there is no box on the coffee table itself, you can always place the remote control on a shelf. You put the best and most fun pictures of all the residents of the home on the wall shelf. The decoration shelf also gives you a fun display of the Mariskools that have accumulated over the years! In a small apartment, the wall lattice also keeps your jewelry, keys and other important items at your fingertips.


Living room lighting and curtains

The living room often needs different lights depending on what you want to do there. A ceiling lamp should be light and soft over a large area so that it does not disgust the eye. In addition to a ceiling lamp, you can buy, for example, a bright foot lamp that illuminates the books and sewing work that you do on the couch in the patio. The small interior lights bring a lovely atmosphere to dusky evenings when watching Netflix serial marathons. You can easily make mood lights from the grilles using a variety of interior lights. If your living room is really big, don't try to look for a good lamp that will illuminate the whole area, but divide the living room and illuminate each part with your own lamp. In this way, lighting is most efficient and can always be focused where it is most needed.

In the summer, the large windows in the living room bring in sunlight, so you rarely need other lights. So, assuming you have large windows in your living room. The amount of light can be increased on light surfaces and mirrors, which reduces the need for lamps even in summer. If you want to take advantage of nature's own light, you should choose light shades for your living room curtains in the summer. Thin and lightweight fabrics are more effective in transmitting sunlight than thick curtains. Blackout curtains are more suitable for bedroom decoration. In summer heat, thin curtains should be kept in front of the windows, as they prevent the sun from causing heat in the apartment.

As the dawn of winter descends again, even our home curtains may be thicker again. In fact, as opposed to thin curtains, thick curtains do not allow windows to spread so cold throughout the room. Therefore, purchasing thick winter curtains is in itself an energy-saving solution. But don't forget the colors in winter as well, because in the midst of darkness the mind needs a lot of refreshment. Fortunately, blackout curtains are now available in beautiful shades and patterns!

Laa Laa Living basic valkoinen seinäristikko olohuoneeseen

Seasonal decoration of the living room

For example, changing the curtains and rugs in your living room can easily change the look of your living room according to the season and party. However, this means that you have to get your own curtains and rugs for each theme. Not so cheap or so durable. You can also change the look with different furnishings, but there is also a risk that they will accumulate in the corner to become dusty.

Laa Laa Living's wall grilles are designed to make it easier to change the look of living rooms without costly changes. A large grid allows you to make different interior designs every month. It is very easy to decorate the lattices according to the season: in spring, the lattices can be used to bring out flowers and herbs that brighten the overall look. When the autumn comes, the lattice will be accompanied by different interior lights and Christmas will bring different Christmas decorations to the lattice. You can easily build a collage of inhabitants into the grids, giving the living room a personal touch. Remember, however, that if you want to make your living room a haven of peace, DO NOT hang notes and calendars on the living room wall that create a sense of urgency. Purchase another model for a memo pad that is easy to put on, even in the hall. In the hallway, it will also store keys and other small daily necessities and you will no longer have to look for them in the morning. It is easy to grab items and pictures on wall grilles with the help of clips and hooks for sale in our online store.

The living room can easily get a new look by changing the location of the furniture. With a large space, you can play and move furniture, for example, in the middle of the living room away from the walls! Carpets can be slanted or stacked. Try different combinations and find your own internal fengshui.


Living Room Decoration Highlights:

  • Choose durable materials for your living room
  • Change the locations of your furniture
  • Ethical manufacturers are also favored in interior design
  • In 2020, more color will be added to gray
  • Choose a durable sofa that is easy to change
  • Tune in old furniture or buy quality with resale value

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