Interior Trends 2020

Interior Trends 2020 - What is Decorating for the New Decade?

Soon we will turn a new page in interior design and fashion for a decade. In 2019, interior design trends saw modern elegance in a light and bright home. Alongside linearity and minimalism came personal details and art deco. Pastel shades have been holding up for a long time, but small patches of color have started to appear here and there. Nature started to slowly come into our homes, which is definitely a positive thing! Scandinavian elegance spread and the use of natural materials increased.


Durable interior design

In 2020, interior design will emphasize eco-friendliness, which we at Laa Laa Living will continue to share. In addition to eco-friendliness, the interior will pay attention to the use of surplus and recycled materials, responsible production of the products and handicraft.

At Laa Laa Living, ecology and responsibility have always been our top priorities. The products are carefully designed in Finland and finalized with our manufacturer in our neighboring country, Estonia. The materials are carefully selected from durable metal with no quality deviations. Products are also individually checked before packing and shipment to customers. With regard to Finnish handicrafts, we will look for new subcontractors for our new products as well as include Finnish handicraft professionals in our product range.

The tune of the old is reflected in Laa Laa Living's philosophy that our products lasts long, even decades. They can be utilized and modified according to the interior design reducing the environmental impact of the interior design. In addition, our products are fully recyclable in metal treatment. We hope that in the future we will be able to utilize recycled wall grids in the production of new wire memo boards!


The colors of the new decade

Different shades of gray and black and white, have been keeping up with the interior decoration trend for a long time. The 2020 trend colors will include beige, as well as different shades of brown, which gradually replace gray, creating a more earthy atmosphere. The accent colors will be bolder to play with, especially blue and green. Beige can also easily be combined with other earthy colors such as burnt reddish or saffron yellow.

In the blue interior colors, focus on strong but gentle shades. The blue color dispenses a slightly light beige, which gives the interior a degree of edging. However, blue does not need to cover large areas of the home, as even a small blue detail brings light and freshness to the interior.

In the shades of green, the natural olive will increase its popularity in interior colors. Light green soothes and brings a natural feel to the interior. Beige is a perfect match for the olive green. In fact, the earthy interior will come to life in 2020 through a solid union of blue (sky, water), beige and brown (earth, wood) and green (plants).

In 2020, Laa Laa Living's range will include a variety of wood-based products that are produced in Finland and the Nordic countries. In this way, we look for new colors and materials that support our main products. Art will also be found in our e-commerce store in 2020, which will be in tune with new color trends and exude the beauty and mystique of nature.

Down to earth and greenery

In the 2020s, the trend of interior design will be seen in more down-to-earth entities built from genuine and organic materials. Indoor plants rise in value again, creating a natural look to the interior. In the atmosphere of the home, special emphasis will be placed on tranquility, backed by natural tones and genuine materials. It is now worthwhile to surround yourself with nice memories, calm tones, and nature that soothes your entire mind and body.

Of course, planting requires some sort of green thumb defect. Various cacti and fields are a good option for those who often get their houseplants dead. Plastic alternatives are also available for room decor, but they are not so compatible with eco-interior design. Other easy-to-care houseplants include Mint Tree, Anopin Language, Thrush Tree and Viirivehka. The right houseplants should be favored as, in addition to their beautiful appearance, the plants also purify the room air.


Curved lines

Curved and round shapes are gaining popularity in the interior. The furniture reflects a lot of 70s spirit that exudes soft lines. Fortunately, however, these are coming to our homes in an updated and more modern form. The interior is easy to soften and finance with curved and angled interior products.

Laa Laa Living's range of products rarely has sharp or heavy shapes. The classic bunny lattice will be a hit in interior decoration in 2020 due to its very round shape, and demand for it has started to rise towards the end of 2019. Kitchen furnishings are well-stocked with utensils, so curved shapes are easy to find in Yo Zen's beautiful trays.


Playful decor

Interior design trends in the 2020s will also emphasize the joy of life, imagination and freedom to detach. This is what Laa Laa Living is all about; enabling imagination and a happy, perhaps even childish, attitude to life. Remember, decorating should not always be serious, but small details and colors can always be chosen with playfulness and a twinkle in the eye!


Do you remember the crimsons or do you still have a summary? So:

  • Choose durable materials
  • Favor ethical manufacturers
  • Bring color alongside gray
  • Let nature into your home
  • Creates softness with curved lines
  • Above all: remember playfulness!

Have a nice decorating year 2020!

The bunny-shaped wall lattice is Laa Laa Living's most popular lattice, from which the entire Laa Laa sky originated. Gradually new shapes and colors began to appear in our collection and the interior took on new dimensions. Our latest model is a small lattice in the shape of a star, which already decorates the homes of many as a new model of jewelry.

There are many different interior design brands and in addition to our own brand Laa Laa Living, we are constantly looking for new brands to complement our range. The criteria for choosing interior design brands are definitely high-quality materials, durability and responsible and ethical operation.

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