Laa Laa Living Bunny Wall Grid, black

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Stylish and playful bunny grid

The black bunny-shaped wall grid is a stylish wall decoration for a versatile and changeable interior design. The bunny can be hung on the wall of the living room, cottage, grandma's place, kitchen or just about any room, because black color suits in any interior decoration. You can decorate it how you want, or keep small items forever to find. Stylish bunny can be found in many hairdressing and beauty salons and on the walls of restaurants.

The Bunnygrid is easy to hang on the screws. However, be aware of the type of use you intend to use it. For heavier items, it is advisable to secure the grid with several screws. Always ensure that the grid is properly secured to prevent it from dropping or falling. The wall grid is also suitable for leaning on a table, but in this case you should not attach any heavy weight to it.

Features of the decoration wall grid:

  • Grid dimensions: width 510 mm, height 800 mm
  • Material: metal
  • Color: black
  • Model: Bunny
  • Designed in Finland
  • Made in EU

The grid is supplied with two angle screws and two props, which you can use for hanging.

Wall grids are a perfect alternative for example in the interior of the Childrens' Room and playrooms. They bring a personal touch to a child's own kingdom, give room creativity and carry from childhood to adulthood all the way to their first home. Often children get bored with age over similar boards and posters. The wall grid develops with the child when it can be decorated according to age, mood and season. With the youngest children, it is nice to design the lgrid decoration and use together. This is how the lattice grows and develops with the child.

In interior design, the wall grid is a durable and versatile element that adapts to changes in the home. For this reason, it is an ecological choice in the midst of today's consumer culture. When you change your interior or move to new home, the grid easily adapts to new colors, furniture and styles. Durable and high quality materials will last long.

Laa Laa Living is a Finnish interior decoration company that manufactures wall grids and other interior elements. The selection is constantly expanding and new ideas are found for the new breezes of the interior. Laa Laa Living's basic principle is to provide sustainable interior design solutions that are responsive to changes in the home and environment, and last years in use. Choose an eco-friendly and sustainable interior design now!

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